Springboard Offers Wide Range of Options.

With over 100 years of experience the team at Springboard Engineering Solutions offers a wide variety of help and assistance to bring your ideas to life.  We offer services to supplement your in-house resources as needed, or supplement with traditional engineering design support customarily associated with consulting companies.  We also offer product development support, and we can offer management and efficiency consultation along with related needs based on our years of experience.

Springboard management can offer support directly, or can supervise interns working on your projects to minimize the costs involved.  Many projects require that we provide prototypes or CAD models, in addition to other consultation as needed. Our in house 3D printing capability allows us to provide physical parts at actual size or scale models to meet your needs.  The material options available often mean that the parts are fully functional in addition to concept confirmation.  We currently have three printers on site with access to most other printing technologies.

Check out our experience and give us a call.  We would love to discuss how we might be able to help with your problems, whether that be in idea generation, concept development, or product launch.

Analytics Information

In just a few short months, Big Data analytics firm, Aunalytics, has proven that highly sophisticated technologies and top-tier data scientists aren’t confined to Silicon Valley. Harnessing local resources..

New Engineers

Ongoing collaboration with the University of Notre Dame’s Office of Research and Office of Technology Transfer helps us identify and nurture commercial opportunities arising from University research. Specific areas of University research expertise, including nanoelectronics, global health, flow physics, orthopedics, micro-sensing and energy provide fertile ground for the recognition of new commercial ventures.