Reinforcements Are Here!

Here at Springboard Engineering Solutions, we now have the ability to print composite parts with CONTINUOUS fiber reinforcement strands for higher strength applications! With the acquisition of the recently released Mark One composite printer by MarkForged, we have jumped into the market of reinforced printed objects. Printing with continuous Fiberglass, Kevlar, and even Carbon Fiber has allowed us to dramatically increase the capabilities of our printed parts. Since the Mark One has a layer height of 0.1 mm it is also capable of printing precision parts in pure Nylon without fiber reinforcements. The printer software allows for the s to control the density of fiber layering as well as the density of the nylon, offering full control over the weight to strength ratio of the product.  While this new printer technology is not without its limitations we have been very pleased with its performance.

Mark One photoThis we sold our first commercial parts off of the printer! We developed and printed a high strength custom angled bracket for an inventor. This bracket is filled with carbon fiber on the ends for greater strength properties. The carbon fiber allows the part to be rigid, strong, and lightweight, weighing only35 grams, but with sufficient strength that we cannot flex it by hand. This part also demonstrates the 3D printing ability to implement complex holes into a print with holes running at three different angles for different purposes. One of the holes is even square.


This marks our first commercial print job with our new printer and we hope it will continue. We welcome new ideas from those who are interested in bringing their ideas or products in to be printed with reinforcements! The Mark One has opened possibilities in the composite world and has a potential for a wide variety of uses with our current materials. The high strength and low weight capabilities allow us to produce parts that are near matches with machined aluminum parts except without the machine shop time.  This creates the opportunity to produce fully functional aerospace parts as well as other industries. The strength properties of the materials can be seen below in the material analysis offered by Mark Forged:

Mark One data previewOur Mark One is now through its prove out phase and we are ready to accept orders to print on it.  This is in addition to our other existing printers as well as our service of sending out to our partners to insure that we print your part with the best possible process and material at the best possible price.